Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas and some Upcycling

I got a camera for christmas, which essentially means that blogging can happen again.
I wasn't able to get pictures of all the gifts I made, but here's my sister in her beret - an improvised pattern that I'm highly pleased with. She looks so hip!

Today (Sunday), I was able to hit the Westport Goodwill store. I saw my very own uncle John pulling in to the parking lot. Inside I found the perfect upcycling sweater:

I'm actually getting good at breaking down the construction - I was unraveling the right sleeve in no time.

Here's a half a sleeve's worth before washing:

And, after:

It's shaping up to be a nice smooshy fingering weight. I'm thinking socks and a shawl.
Saturday is my new favorite day of the week (I suppose it is for most people. I've just never particularly enjoyed them before discovering a wonderful knitting group at Einstein's Bagels).

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