Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today's Sandwich:

2 slices whole wheat bread
Vegetable hommus (Cedar's brand? I think?) I like it - you can see huge chunks of tomato in it.
Chopped green onion
Pea shoots
Pine nuts

It was very satisfying - the only thing I didn't like about it was the bread! I should investigate a different bread to buy... or perhaps I could try toasting it first. There's a ton of stuff I could try.

I learned magic loop sock knitting! These are Soybean Socks by Christabel Seneque, who has several lovely sock patterns. They're for a KAL with the Vegan Sock group.
Magic loop is pretty damn fast! I think I'm all caught on.

I bought the needles and yarn for this sweater pattern (Arbor by Melissa Burt) my freshman year (3-4 years ago)! I've started and frogged it at least twice, but this time it's chugging easily. I guess the biggest problem was that I got bored with the stitch pattern, but my improvements in speed and obedience have made it possible. It's a really neat design - I can't wait to finish it!

A lot of my friends have been home from college these past few weeks - including my brother. He turns 19 today. Happy birthday, Ben!

I love winter.


Jaclyn said...

woo I am in this picture!
that was a fun night
oh, and I decided to maybe start blogging again.

Larzipan said...

that was a great night. I love you and your house Grar