Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, here's a story for ya...

I went to Chicago last week! It was such a blast! We stayed in the city for a day before driving down to U of I for some investigation.

Here's the story: I don't see big buildings that often. Therefore I spent a substantial amount of time looking at them on the drive to the Airport (JFK). Every building I looked up at sort of made me think of the building(s) on the cover of the Wilco album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - probably because of the angle. The cover looks like this:

The airport control tower particularly made me think of these buildings - since it was rounded. and had edges. Every building I saw - even those completely incomparable in shape - had to be compared to the fuzzy mental image in my brain.

So... of course. After the plane and car journey to our place of lodging in the city - what do we pass? Yeah. We pass THIS - YES! THIS:

The moment I saw it I freaked out. It was totally, TOTALLY the one I kept thinking about. I had no prior knowledge about these buildings and had no idea that Wilco was first based in Chicago.

Isn't that just freakin' weird?

And of course... as I'm writing this, a song from the album starts playing...

I LOVE coincidences.

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